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Marche militaire
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Marche militaire

Compositeur: SCHUBERT F.

Arrangeur: LÉVESQUE Luc

DZ 349


ISBN: 2-89500-234-7

Orchestre de guitares

12 p. + parties séparées


Guit. I-V, cb. Here is a very good arrangement of Schubert's ever-popular March Militaire. The music is score for five guitars plus contra-bass guitar. As is usual with this publisher, turnovers are beautifully managed and should stand as a lesson for all publishers. Above all else this is great fun to play, definitely a lets-do-it-onemore-time-please piece. The parts have been carefully thought out and the musical lines are kept as close to the original as possible. To make the arrangement work in the concert hall, a lot of individual as well as ensemble work is required. It sounds ok on a run through, but when worked on by all concerned, it is a brilliant item. Strongly recommended. (John Arran, Classical Guitar Magazine, Decembre 2001)

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