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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareOrchestre de guitaresNon Stop Dancing at the Court

Non Stop Dancing at the Court

Non Stop Dancing at the Court

Compositeur: LÉVESQUE Luc

DZ 579


ISBN: 2-89500-465-X

Orchestre de guitares

8 p. + parties séparées


guit. I-IV, contrebasse

Luc Lévesque is becoming a prolific arranger of accessible guitar ensembles and this is another wellcrafted and straightforward arrangement. Part five is for contrabass but this does little other than shadow guitar four to add depth, and so the piece would also find a welcome home with a conventional quartet or quintet, arranged as a single movement, the music opens with a mediaeval drum effect and a majestic yet fast 6/4. The music moves into 4/4 where it develops With key changes and speed changes. With the exception of guitar one, for which facility in the seventh position In needed, the remainder of the parts are straightforward, meaning that the piece is ideally suited for a mixed ability group, or with the teacher on guitar one. Most of the speed changes are easy because one guitar is the fastest moving, to which others can synchronize but there are two where all parts play the same rhythm and this wlll be a difficult speed change for a novice group.
(.) This is an excellent and captivating performance piece for a junior ensemble and the title could not be more apt.
(Derek Hasted, Classical Guitar Magazine)

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