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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare et un autre instrumentVillancicos, canciones y sonetos, vol. 3

Villancicos, canciones y sonetos, vol. 3

Villancicos, canciones y sonetos, vol. 3

Compositeur: VARIÉS

Arrangeur: BATAÏNI Marc

DZ 903


ISBN: 2-89500-798-5

Guitare et voix

48 p.


ALONSO MUDARRA - "Tres libros de música en cifra para vihuela"
I tene al ombra
I tene al ombra (version alternative)
O gelosia d'amanti
La vita fugge

DIEGO PISADOR - "Libro de música de vihuela"
Si la noche hace escura
Si te quitasse los hierros
Dezilde al cavallero 

MIGUEL DE FUENLLANA - "Libro de música de vihuela, intitulado Orphenica Lyra"
Cómo quereys, madre 
Duelete de mí, Señora 
No me hableys, Conde 
Vos me matastes

ESTEBAN DAZA - "Libro de música en cifras para vihuela, intitulado El Parnasso" 
Prado verde y florido
Dame acojida en tu hato A tierras agenas
Quien te hizo, Juan pastor
Gritos dava la morenica

Vol. 1 et 2 (DZ 901, DZ 902) aussi disponibles.

"Closely following on from the first two volumes, here comes number three. This time there are four piece by Mudarra (one in two variants) three by Diego Pisador from his Libro de Musica de Vihuela collection, four by Miguel De Fuenllana from Orphenica Lyra, and finally five by Esteban Daza, from El Parnasso.
As with both the previous volumes, the music is serene, in its printed state, often full of long notes in the voice part, and largely unornamented instrumental writing and would need a moderate player only to do it justice, in spite of the fact that he needs to be able to play with the 3rd string at F sharp for some, but not all of the time. The singer I think is a different matter. She would need a lot of control, a very pure voice and little or no vibrato to make this music sound quite the way it should.
Nevertheless this is a fine volume of masterpieces from this rarefied portion of musical history and any interested artists should not hesitate."
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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