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Compositeur: KINDLE Jürg

DZ 932


ISBN: 2-89500-782-9

Guitare seule

8 p.


Like its companion Mars, this movement has no speed marking. A quick play through however implies that is to be played slowly and sensuously.
It begins in two voices on a sort of C6 arpeggio up around frets 7 and 8 utilising various open strings along the way. A gentle time change from 3/4 to 2/4 every few bars just adds a little extra to the feel along the way. The music sways gently along for a while but soon moves away from its C major beginnings and moves through Bb past C to D major and further on to E major, where it stays for a while before the opening melody returns but now in Bb. Not that this is a restatement in a new key because it develops swiftly, never actually repeating the melody note for note, but delights in sudden tonal shifts to remote chords and keys before finally, and almost seemingly accidentally, finding its way back to C major one more time for the fmal restatement of the opening idea. A strangely exotic chord based around a C but utilising G#s, brings the work to a quiet close.
This is the first of the Planets set that stays in one mood and speed throughout its duration. It relies on surprise for much of its appeal and as such is a delightful piece with much going for it. It is perhaps not as difficult to play as some of the others although the need for a sustained and constant legato flow takes it out of the realms of easy. Nicely printed as always.
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)



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