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Irina Kircher, was born 1966 into a very musical family, chamber music and choir singing was an every day event from age three on. Irina, a well known guitar virtuoso, studied in Stuttgart, London and Caracas. She has played more than 1000 concerts worldwide and done countless recordings. Together with her husband Alfonso Montes she forms the Duo Montes-Kircher. Both teach at Stuttgarter Musikschule and together they direct “Guitarreando” a guitar youth orchestra. 

Oeuvres de l'artiste

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    DrachenschiffeKIRCHER IrinaIntermédiaire - Orchestre de guitares21.40$ | DO 1124
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    Espanoleta y Canarios
    Espanoleta y CanariosSANZ GasparIntermédiaire - 2 guitares11.77$ | DO 612
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    Six Lute Songs
    Six Lute SongsDOWLAND J.Intermédiaire - 2 guitares10.70$ | DO 566