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MIRTO Giorgio

MIRTO Giorgio

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Guitarist and composer, Giorgio Mirto graduated from the “L. Campiani” Conservatory of Mantova and took the second level degree from the Conservatory of Cuneo.

He  performes extensively in Europe, Russia, Japan, China, Africa, U.S.A. and South America.

He has realized several recordings for Gendai Guitar (Tokyo), Moisycos Musical Editions (Tokyo), Sinfonica Editions, Guitart and, since some years, for the major label Brilliant Classics and the new label MoviMento.

One of his last CDs, “Norwegian memories”, dedicated to Mirto's works for guitar and strings orchestra has been quoted CD of the year by American Record Guide magazine

Awarded In several International composition competitions, his music is performed in several parts of the world  and has raised the appreciation of well known musicians, actors, conductors and musicologists such as Altenberg Trio, Victor Villadangos, Maximo Diego Pujol, Eric Franceries, Attilio Piovano, Viktor Kozlov, Giulio Tampalini, Stefano Palamidessi, Dylan Fowler, Kazuhito Yamashita, Vittorio Ghielmi, Umberto Benedetti Michelangeli, Augusto Vismara, Fausto Paravidino, Roberto Zibetti, Marco Tullio Giordana and so on.

He is the artistic director of Six Ways, a prestigious international guitar festival which takes place in his native town: Turin. 

His music is  published by Les Productions d’OZ, Ut Orpheus and Edizioni Sinfonica.

He has teached in Bari’s Conservatorio “N. Piccinni”, Brescia's Conservatorio “L. Marenzio”, Monopoli's Conservatorio “Nino Rota”  and actually he teaches in Livorno's Conservatorio “Mascagni”

Giorgio Mirto plays on a guitar by S. Yokoo

“The guitar of Giorgio Mirto is a marvellous sounding instrument used to create the most effect”

(Classical Guitar)

“Giorgio Mirto is one of the most interesting composers I've met in recent years”

(Maximo Diego Pujol)

“Giorgio Mirto is a leading light in the world of contemporary guitar music”

(Presto Classical)

“This work finds itself somewhere between the gutsy Palladio Allegro by Jenkins, the passion of Rodrigo’s Concierto and some of the very finest film soundtracks”

(Derek Hasted, Classical Guitar, about “Triste Solitario y Final, for guitar and string quartet)

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