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Jason Noble’s music seeks balance between innovation and accessibility, motivated by a belief that contemporary music can be genuinely progressive and communicative at the same time. His compositions have been performed around the world, and have been featured in numerous festivals, publications, recordings, and broadcasts. Also an accomplished scholar, his research has been published in Music Theory Online and Music Perception, and presented in dozens of international conferences.  


Jason’s approach to geometrical notation, which was explored for the first time in Shadow Prism (composed for Steve Cowan in 2015), was the subject of a presentation in the International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation (Montreal, 2018). In this pseudo-aleatoric, flowchart-like notation, the performer navigates the geometrical networks freely such that sequences of musical events may be different every time, even as the overall harmonic fields remain the same. This freedom of delivery, combined with a novel tuning that allows for distinctive microtonal combinations of natural harmonics and open strings, create the unique sound world of Shadow Prism

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    2 Songs from Newfoundland
    2 Songs from NewfoundlandVARIÉIntermédiaire - Guitare seule5.35$ | DZ 4184
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    Shadow Prism
    Shadow PrismNOBLE JasonAvancé - Guitare seule10.70$ | DZ 3208