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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare et un autre instrumentVillancicos, canciones y sonetos, vol. 2

Villancicos, canciones y sonetos, vol. 2

Villancicos, canciones y sonetos, vol. 2

Compositeur: VARIÉS

Arrangeur: BATAÏNI Marc

DZ 902


ISBN: 2-89500-797-7

Guitare et voix

48 p.


LUYS MILÁN - "Libro de música de vihuela de mano, intitulado El Maestro"
Nova angeletta sovra l'ale accorta 
O gelosia d'amanti
Madonna per voi ardo

LUYS DE NARVÁEZ - "Los seys libros del Delphín de música de cifras para tañer vihuela"
Y la mi cinta (villancico con diferencias)

ENRÍQUEZ DE VALDERRÁBANO - "Libro de música de vihuela, intitulado Silva de Sirenas"
Las tristes lágrimas mías
Argimina nombre le dio
Señora si te olvidare
Jamás cosa que quisiese 
O, que en la cumbre
Desposósete tu amiga, Juan pastor 
De dónde venís amore
Cómo puedo yo bivir
Corten espadas afiladas
Rugier qual sempre fui

Vol. 1 et 3 (DZ 901, DZ 903) aussi disponibles.

Here is Book 2 of an ever-growing series. Again we are talking score only here.
Milan is presented by three Sonetos en Ytaliano, from El Maestro, two with an F sharp 3rd string and the other with normal guitar tuning. The guitar parts are not too difficult and any player of moderate ability should be able to cope well enough.
Narvaez is this time only represented by one piece, Y La Mi Cinta, but in six variations, all of which occur in the instrumental part, not the voice, and all of which use the 3rd string at F sharp. Enrique De Valderrabano is represented by ten pieces, two Sonetos, four Canciones, and four Villancicos from Silva De Sirenas.
It is safe to say that all this music from the vihuela's alarmingly brief printed history is of a certain stature and that it is ideal for any guitar and singer duet, where the singer has a pure voice with little or no vibrato. Therefore I can heartily recommend this fine volume and would suggest you look out for the others in the same series, of which there are at least two.
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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