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Folles de mai (CD inclus)
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Folles de mai (CD inclus)

Compositeur: KIRSCHNER Michel

DZ 969


ISBN: 978-2-89500-855-2

Guitare et flûte

24 p. + parties séparées Veuillez noter qu'aucun fichier audio n'est inclus dans l'option d'achat au format PDF. L'escompte a été ajustée en conséquence.


This is clearly a much more ambitious composition than the same composer's Three Tangos; here the technical difficulties are raised to a Higher Intermediate standard and the compositional style has more originality. The themes used throughout grab the attention and there are some interesting and arresting rhythms in the guitar part (plus a couple of brief solo excursions for the guitarist to negotiate). There are several changes of mood and tempo throughout the work but pride of place must belong to the exquisite middle movement, La Desillusion, where Kirschner has written an inspiring, highly attractive piece of music which could easily stand alone.
At just over 16 minutes in total performing time, this is quite a substantial item and, unlike the Three Tangos, this work could be used in the same programming as any Piazzolla's works and this time, not invite comparisons.
The whole work is performed on the supplementary CD with fine, sensitive performances given by Michel Kirschner and his duo partner, flautist Rémi Cordier, although their performance differs very slightly from the written score from time to time.
The presentation is excellent and there is a full score with separate parts for each individual.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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