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PECZNIK Sebastian

PECZNIK Sebastian

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Sebastian Pecznik was born in the city of Buenos Aires in the year 1985 and currently resides in Berlin. He is a published composer for Films and concert | arranger/orchestrator, music producer and concert guitar player, who has received numerous awards and accolades. Among them the Best Soundtrack Award at the Berlin Brandenburg Landes Festival for The Witches & The Lovers 2016 and the Recognition from Argentinian Chancery and the General Bureau of Cultural Affairs declaring his concerts and master classes of Highly Artistic & Cultural Value 2010-2017.

His published original compositions for concert music, have been performed widely by numerous talented and renowned artists, and his scores and music for advertising theater and films are available across multiple channels and platforms. He is constantly on demand being commissioned new original music for media, for live and arrangements that range from orchestral to electronic beats and fusion.

Highlighted works include the orchestrations for Swedish full feature film Jag älskar Dig, and a special version of Oh Holy Night sung by Broadway star Franc D Ambrosio and choreographed by ice skating legend olympic champion Brian Boitano.

Since his first European tour in 2010 presenting his first guitar album Tango Sensations & Other Moments of the Day, Sebastian Pecznik has been actively performing at renowned stages all around the world and is regularly commissioned to write and perform music in a wide variety of colours, ensembles, solos and orchestras. His second album Piazzolla by Pecznik was widely acclaimed by the public and journalists, and made him owner of a unique sound that fuses and overpasses styles and borders. He is constantly invited all around the world to guitar festivals, film music festivals and jazz/world music festivals, to perform or to give lectures and masterclasses, in guitar | latin american and tango music | arrangements for popular music and film music composition.

He was head of the Music Production department in Tecson School of Sound Engineering (Argentina), and he was a guest professor at the University of Arts in Buenos Aires where he taught his master class in film music.

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    A Berliner Tango Story
    A Berliner Tango StoryPECZNIK SebastianAvancé - Guitare seule8.56$ | DO 1119