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Compositeur: Van der STAAK Pieter

DZ 1612


ISBN: 978-2-89655-511-6

Ensemble de guitares

4 p. + parties séparées


This is a tiny scherzo in 6/8 time, and the piece is arranged for guitar ensemble (in four parts) and a guitar duo. This petite edition has so many staves on the full score that the part scores are less than one face of paper, although with the repeats the piece lasts about 90 seconds. The 'backing ensemble' plays in a mix of constant quavers (bass and a repeated top note) in first position, or a melody at a third of that pace which goes up to fifth position here and there. The technical complexity here is between Grades Two and Three, probably needing the higher end to ensure that everything locks together with no hesitation. The duo part is marginally more complex, with occasional semiquavers when in first position and some seventh position work, this time in quavers. Written in 1990, it somehow seems a little unsophisticated compared to some of the newer material that comes for review. But for the level of player for whom this intended, It's not only a most pleasant piece, but also one that suits a mixed ability ensemble (and aren't most learner groups mixed ability?) The harmonies are simple but satisfying and the rhythm is easy to keep tightly in step.

Derek Hasted (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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