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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare2 guitaresSonata Lírica

Sonata Lírica

Sonata Lírica

Compositeur: MORA-JIMÉNEZ José

DZ 1749


ISBN: 978-2-89655-648-9

2 guitares

20 p. + parties séparées


"This is a substantial three-movement sonata by a composer who was born in Costa Rica and now resides in the Netherlands. It begins with an Allegro Ritmico built around the continuing rhythm of 3+3+2 quavers-to-the-bar and a stabbing chordal rhythm alternating between the two players. This continues, interspersed with a running motif that again swaps between the players. There are also plenty of tonal changes along the way and chromatic elements in much of the writing. After a brief pause a more expressive idea enters over a gently rocking accompaniment but after only a small time the original idea ensues and remains to the end of the movement where the stabbing chords provide the coda. The middle movement is an Andante Sereno that opens in natural harmonics before a lyrical melody with unusual harmonies attached enters. This builds to a considerable climax before a new theme enters with a change of key before returning back to the opening theme one more time and a close on an indefinite chord. The final Danza is again interwoven with this unusual approach to harmony that makes this piece very difficult to categorise, for although the movement is ostensibly in E minor, it changes many times until the key Signature is all but redundant. The Danza is in a fast and dancing 6/8 and is in several sections before a considerable close on the home key. My duet partner and I spent a good deal of the time checking what we were playing because this piece is not, by any stretch, an easy ride, as the multitude of accidentals and momentary key shifts ensures that it remains firmly for the advanced players amongst you."

Chris Dumigan  (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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