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Compositeur: CARLIN Yves

DZ 2045


ISBN: 978-2-89655-944-2

Guitare seule

20 p.


"Les Productions d'OZ recently released ten 'études' by the Belgian guitarist Yves Carlin and here is another set of contemporary study-type pieces from him, also ten in number, aimed at the student of around the Grade 4-5 standard. Also as in the previous publication there is plenty of variety in style ranging from relatively easy pieces utilising arpeggios and nice chord sequences through to more complex rhythmic works of Latin and 'funky' character. Most of the pieces here would be very useful teaching tools both from a technical and musical aspect and as a bonus they are quite entertaining to play and listen to. I can imagine this music being quite appealing especially to the younger player. The music is clearly presented, well fingered [...] and some nice dynamics are included to assist in shaping the music. "

Steve Marsh  (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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