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Il barbiere di Siviglia (2 livres)
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Il barbiere di Siviglia (2 livres)

Compositeur: ROSSINI G.

Arrangeur: VINGIANO Alberto

DZ 261


ISBN: 2-89500-146-4

Guitare et flûte

44 p. + parties séparées


Having favourably reviewed Vingiano's arrangement for flute and guitar of Don Giovanni, I was looking forward to playing through this slightly more demanding arrangement of some of the arias from Rossini's famous opera. I am delighted to report that there is nothing to chose between the two arrangements, both fulfilling the expectation one would expect from playing through music of this quality, i.e. emotive music with plenty of good tunes to get stuck into... Playing through these arrangements is an uplifting, exhilarating and thoroughly enjoyable experience and one I would recommend to any guitar and flute duos that are capable of playing around the upper grades standard. (Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar)

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