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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare3 guitaresScottish Air

Scottish Air

Scottish Air

Compositeur: STEVENS Keith

DZ 314


ISBN: 2-89500-199-5

3 guitares

10 p. + parties séparées


Here is a pleasant arrangement for three guitars of The Skye Boat Song. The music is marked Maestoso which seems at odds with the melody, maybe the arranger is referring just to the opening chords, played on guitar three (using G and D tuning). The second section has guitars one and two playing in thirds or sixths, giving a rich quality to the writing. There is a restless central section before the harmonies change one more, this time to a more dissonant texture. The music then becomes calmer to end a rather nice composition. I would like to see some dynamics as this shows the composer's intentions with regard to mood of the piece, but of course it can be argued that if players have to work it out for themselves they may pay more attention to their own markings.
(John Arran, Classical Guitar Magazine, Decembre 2001

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