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Suite colombienne no 1
  • Bambuco

  • Cancion

  • Torbellino

  • Guabina

  • Pasillo

Suite colombienne no 1

Compositeur: CORDOBA Jaime

DZ 699


ISBN: 2-89500-585-0

Guitare seule

12 p.


This suite by the Colombian guitarist/composer Jaime Cordoba is composed of five movements and without exception they are all well constructed works for guitar, full of charm, lyricism and stimulating rhythms. Each one is a miniature gem of composition and written in a knowledgeable and intelligent fashion.
The individual pieces are short enough not to outstay their welcome and anyone could well stand on its own merit (especially enchanting is the second movement Cancion) but when performed as a whole Suite Colombienne No.1 would make a very welcome addition to any concert programme. The technical difficulties are in the Grade 6-7 standard.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine)

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