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Compositeur: Van der STAAK Pieter

DZ 1007


ISBN: 978-2-89500-893-4

Guitare seule

8 p.


The Dutch guitarist/composer Pieter van der Staak was born in 1930 and died towards the latter end of 2007. He is probably more well-known to guitarists through his excellent student ensemble pieces for two, three and four guitars. He had a knack of writing pleasing, easy-on-the-ear melodies which were effectively harmonised and which are still very popular on the student concert/ summer , school events.
Bellefleur was written in 1979 and is in the style of a lively waltz. One could be forgiven for translating the title as «Beautiful Flower« but it actually comes from the name of a Dutch apple; the sound of the accompaniment in the piece «pom-pom« reminded the composer that «pomme« is French for «apple«, thereby came forth the title. Rather good that!
The work's main characteristic is the excessive use of descending melody lines played as triplets and to be fair, Bellefleur sounds more like a student study piece than one you would listen to for pleasure. As a study in triplet slurs the piece is a suitable candidate for strengthening this particular technique and is well within the domain of the Intermediate player.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine)

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