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American Friends (CD inclus)

American Friends (CD inclus)

Compositeur: TORTORA Giorgio

DZ 1211


ISBN: 978-2-89655-110-1

Guitare seule

40 p.


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This collection of 24 short solo guitar pieces, mostly one or two pages long, composed by an italian author, is presented here with a CD recording played by various guitarists. American Friends contents of studies entitled Matt Molloy, Nina, Zozo, Grande fiesta a Kummelbacherhof, KeMe, Walid Kafka, Marco, Guitmar, Onde, Miramadar, Markjone, Evelyn, Marcusw, Sean, Nokturong, Erik, Zurcher, Tarbaby, Angleo, She ... I Know You, Hrobison, Summer, Carale for Andreas, Sophia & Dulcea Song and Nuvole. The idea of writing this music came to the guitarist-composer after his participation in an online guitar forum whose subject was the right way of executing some of his earlier written pieces. During this occasion a number of colleagues were discussing the matters of the adopted sound, correct tempo, etc., and the pieces in this album are dedicated to all those American friends whom Tortora met on this «Delcamp forum«. Each piece is a pleasant innovative miniature that explores certain technical problems. Generally speaking, the music has a clear rhythmic and melodic structure, and is more-or-less based on short themes, or frequently just very cleverly picked motives. What I find the most important is the fact that most of these pieces can be accommodated to players of different technical levels, so
this collection of studies is certainly refreshing in the field of classical guitar pedagogy. The accompanying CD recording is an extra aid.»
Uros Dojcinovic (Soundboard Magazine)

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