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Suita in Modo Transilvano
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Suita in Modo Transilvano

Compositeur: ANDREI Adrian

DZ 1538


ISBN: 978-2-89655-437-9

Guitare seule

12 p.


This is a ten-movement work inspired by the compositions and collections of the 17th-century Transylvanian musician loan Caianu. In his time Caianu was also a Roman Catholic priest, monk, folklore specialist, publisher and maker and repairer of organs. Apparently he is considered to be the first confirmed composer of classical music from the Transylvanian area; amongst his most important works being his 'Codex Caioni', a collection of 364 pieces by Western European composers as well as Caianu's own compositions. This collection is the one upon which Adrian Andrei has based this suite, writing music in the Transylvanian style of that particular era. The movements are based upon song and dance forms of the time; hence we have such as the Courante, Ballet and Galliard. The music contained in this suite is highly accessible, interesting and novel, full of flowing melody lines and good rhythms. Andrei claims that this is a 'first' in the guitar repertoire as no other guitarist has arranged Caioni's music previously. There is nothing here to worry the Intermediate student and anyone with an interest in music from this period would no doubt be not disappointed with this set.

Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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