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Duos d’Amérique latine
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Duos d’Amérique latine

Compositeur: CARBAJO Roque

DZ 1540


ISBN: 978-2-89655-439-3

2 guitares

16 p. + parties séparées


This is a very colorful suite of five pieces comprising a little tour of Latin America. The composer’s notes reveal that the music was inspired by his early days spent accompanying his father and other soloists, hence the special attention given to the second guitar parts, which are much more fully developed than humble accompaniments would be. The second guitarist at least an equal partner in these settings, carrying complex harmonic material, rhythmic vitality, and considerable added melodic interest. Each movement suggests a different region, from the first (Caribbean Dance) to the concluding Viento del sur, with stops along the way at Los Andes and Montevideo, and spending a Noche en Bolivia. Without resorting to clichés, Carbajo has given us a set of fresh pieces that will surely be a hit with audiences.

- David Grimes (Soundboard Magazine)

For anyone unfortunate enough not to have encountered the compositions of Roque Carbajo previously, this is an ideal introduction to his music. In the past I remember reviewing his published material and being very impressed with his musical ideas; this new one is no exception. In a way, the five duets contained in this album pay a sort of 'homage' to the art of guitar accompaniment. Carbajo writes in the preface about his first musical experiences, that of playing second guitar to accompany his father. This role of accompanist he regards as sometimes being a thankless task, the soloist getting all the focus. When writing these five pieces Carbajo has attempted to give more prominence to the second guitar both technically and musically. The end result is a South American 'suite' of wonderfully entertaining and delightful music, each one having its own character and full of inventive melodies and rhythms. The presentation is top-class with full score and separate parts (fingered) for each player. Duos d'Amerique Latine would make an excellent choice for higher-intermediate duos looking for new repertoire.

Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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