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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare4 guitaresAround the World

Around the World

Around the World

Compositeur: ROUX Patrick

DZ 1599


ISBN: 978-2-89655-498-0

4 guitares

36 p. + parties séparées


This substantial work was commissioned for the Park View High School Guitar Program and begins with a picture showing how to do the two percussion strokes Tango del Sol (subtitled Hommage to the Sun) is a delightful tango, and although the key of G minor means some of the chords are perhaps unfamiliar, this is a solid and very enjoyable composition that moves to the major for a centre section with a simple but strong theme that provides a real contrast. It's a great example of the genre and very playable. C Ayre (Hommage to the Air and the Sea) begins with a simple accompaniment to a 3/4 melody that could almost be one of those film themes that builds and builds. Although notionally set in C, as one might suppose, the harmony is rich and full with both sharps and flats making appearances. Some of the chords are a handful here, though in the style of Villa-Lobos, one shape is sometimes deployed in several positions, in what is a raucous and strident centre section. And like a film, the opening theme comes back, more vibrant, and in parallel octaves, before dying away peacefully.

This is a lovely piece. The dare I say amusingly titled Ama-zone-E (Hommage to the Forests) is in E minor, with a very evocative log-drum opening and then a simply but powerful rhythmic motif that has plenty of deep open Es to thicken the sound. The almost random mix of high and low notes may well see a few reading errors, but any such slips won't spoil this movement. Hypnotically repetitive, but always slightly varied, this is a very effective sound. A Round for the World (Hommage to the World) is set in A in 9/8 time, and the time signature gives it an Irish Slip Jig feel. It's joyous and the only marginally difficult section of double stopping is marked 'divisi optional', so that with a large ensemble it's positively trivial. Sometimes a large edition can be a disappointment, but this is a real treasure. The music is playable, fresh, lovely to listen to, and not too taxing - I would think Grade 6-7 players would feel able to offer an enthusiastic performance, and I really hope this edition does well.

Derek Hasted (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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