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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareMusique de chambre avec guitareSix sonates en trio, vol. I, BWV 525

Six sonates en trio, vol. I, BWV 525

Six sonates en trio, vol. I, BWV 525

Compositeur: BACH J.S.

Arrangeur: DUSSAULT Éric

DZ 161


ISBN: 2-89500-046-8

Guitare, flûte et violon

16 p. + parties séparées


Here is a chance to play Bach with flute and guitar which should be - literally - grabbed with both hands by guitarists of Grade 6 standard and above. The guitar part, while interesting and pleasing to play, is not difflcult - it's essentially cast in an accompanying role, while the other instruments dash about with their single they are wont to do. The end product is a thoroughly satisfying arrangement, one which will surely give pleasure to players and audiences alike if it is played firmly, crisply, and with well considered ensemble. The guitarist has the opportunity here to play with strength - he/she will need to do so or be swamped - but without having to worry overmuch about technicalities. This is a part to sort out, practise, and then enjoy with musical companions, maybe even push them a bit! Go for it! (Chris Kilvington, Classical Guitar)

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