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Compositeur: KRUISBRINK Annette

DZ 1654


ISBN: 978-2-89655-553-6

Guitare seule

12 p.


Six brief movements form this work which says and offers so much. I just love the writing, it's so concise yet it leaves so much space around the notes. The work dedicated to Witold Lutoslawski, was written in 2011, it is virtually as up to date with a composer's output as a published work can be. It therefore gives an indication of where Annette Kruisbrink's compositional thoughts are at the moment. The six movements are annotated in a way that leaves the performer in no doubt as to how the composer hears these pieces. Of note is the choice of con plettro ad lib at the heading of the second movement, with plectrum giving a very different timbre than with fingers and new setoff problems to many classical guitarists; then, the delicious yet oh-so-simply written third movement with its fragile balance between rhythmic movement and stillness. I could go on as I found this music rewards concentrated study; I strongly advise guitarists to seek this volume out for themselves, not easy to perform, but beautifully written.

John Arran (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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