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Les 4 saisons du chôro

Les 4 saisons du chôro

Compositeur: MOURAT Jean-Maurice

DZ 1765


ISBN: 978-2-89655-664-9

Guitare seule

16 p.


The four pieces which make up this suite of seasons of the year are all very pleasurable to play and very entertaining to listen to. French guitarist/composer Jean-Maurice Mourat has perfectly encapsulated the stylistic nature of the Brazilian choro and has constructed some very nice melodic and harmonic ideas throughout these works. Choro de Primavera which begins proceedings is remarkably similar to an anonymous 'choro' I used to play many years ago titled Divangando and whether or not this has been an influence on the composer is not stated. What is rather obvious are the few bars towards the latter part of the fourth movement which pay more than a nodding reference to the guitar choro of Villa-Lobos. From start to finish the music holds the attention with no let up in standard: the writing is concentrated and fluent and this piece is certainly a welcome addition to the solo guitar repertoire.
-Steve Marsh


One of the most fetching characteristics of much Brazilian music the sense that it flows so easily and naturally, as in many of the charming compositions of Joao Guimarâes. In these “Four Seasons of chôro,” Mourat adopts the same deceptively simple style, giving the guitarist an opportunity to play music that is quite a bit easier than it sounds - always a desirable quality.
-David Grimes (Soundboard Magazine)

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