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Deu Lletras a N’Amelia

Deu Lletras a N’Amelia

Compositeur: CLAMENS Gilbert

DZ 1813


ISBN: 978-2-89655-712-7

Guitare seule

24 p.


First off, let me say that this is a work of immense proportions and is sub-titled “Variationes sobre una melodia popular catalana”, which now perhaps gives the game away as to which piece it is. The theme in its original guise occurs after a long Preludio, and is followed by ten variations; the last of which, the Finale, is almost five pages in length. The Preludio is a dramatic opener with a sweet harmonic structure at its heart. It is then followed by the Theme, not in Llobet's arrangement but rather in a completely new harmonisation that works really well. Var.l is marked Energico and has many runs in semiquavers around various parts of the fingerboard in both directions and is very tricky to play. Var.2 is in the form of a minuetto and is a graceful contrast to No 1. Var.3 by contrast is Molto Agitato and worries constantly at a semitonal crunch that turns into the theme, part way through. N04 is mostly long complex chords, followed by N05, a Largo Cantabile that has a descending figure in 5/4 over which the melody in harmonics is placed at rhythmic odds to it. Var.6 is a Con Brio with a definite Spanish feel to it and reminds one a little of Granados' Dance N05: particularly in its opening. This long variation is followed by No 7, sub-titled “Soriana” and is a broad-sweeping Andante Espressioo; No8 has some difficult sextuplet semiquavers that rock up and down amongst other voices. This leads straight into No9, which interweaves the fast flowing semiquavers with some stabbing offbeat chords. The Finale N0lO is a true summing up of the foregoing and creates terrific excitement leading to a cumulative rasgueado section and the final flourish on a D major chord. This is an important work, which is very difficult to play and so is not for the faint of heart but if there is any justice it will prove to be very successful and it really does cover many technical and musical bases along the way. I look forward to hearing a performance of this fine work; it deserves to do well.

Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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