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Capricho catalan

Capricho catalan

Compositeur: ALBÉNIZ Isaac

Arrangeur: McFADDEN Jeffrey

DZ 1848


ISBN: 978-2-89655-747-9

Guitare seule

4 p.


This is one of my very favourite works and has been so ever since that landmark video recording of Segovia playing his own arrangement, recorded at the Alhambra Palace. I remember searching fruitlessly for his published arrangement only to end up with Michael Lorimer's similar but not exactly the same, version published by Mel Bay from the mid-70s. Surprisingly it is not the most overdone of Albéniz's arrangements by a long way, but there are a couple more that I know of. Now we have another.
McFadden's new version is quite similar in many places. only differing in one or two small areas where he has made a different decision as how exactly to put the different voices down in the best way. There are no major surprises throughout and it remains therefore a work of outstanding beauty whose melody is one of Albéniz's supreme creations, and, if you have somehow managed to miss this little masterpiece, then this new edition by d'OZ will be just fine.
Chris Dumigan

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