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La presque valse

La presque valse

Compositeur: PIRIS Bernard

DZ 1868


ISBN: 978-2-89655-767-7

Guitare seule

4 p.


I tend to be rather dismissive of pieces with unusual scordatura, especially when one string (the 5th) goes higher to a Bb, whilst the other (the 6th) goes lower to an Eb. I spend most of the time forgetting which goes in which direction and end up playing some fabulously wrong notes as a result. This piece however changed my views on this odd tuning. Written in Eb major (hence the scordatura) this is a wonderful little waltz with some gorgeously exotic almost jazz-like harmonies, that make this a rather special little item. Of course the odd tunings go some way towards making this piece sound as it does, but however the end result is nothing less than enthralling, with a wistful little lilt to it that gives it a certain unique sound that I couldn't stop playing until I had it firmly under my fingers. No more need be said, except that it is the tuning that makes this piece a rather harder to play than it otherwise might have been but if the style appeals, it really is worth your time and money. Chris Dumigan

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