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Cantilenae (réduction de piano)

Cantilenae (réduction de piano)

Compositeur: HYLDGAARD Soren

Arrangeur: KOONCE Frank

DZ 2013


ISBN: 978-2-89655-912-1

Guitare seule

28 p. + partie de guitare


With performances of guitar and chamber orchestra relatively scarce on the ground, it is a plucky individual who spends their precious time in sitting down and writing what is obviously a very time-consuming proposition; so Danish composer Soren Hyldgaard is to be praised for his efforts and also congratulated upon creating a most worthy new composition to enrich the guitar's repertoire.
Cantilenae is comprised of three distinctly contrasting movements - or Cantilenas - beginning with a plainly Spanish/flamenco orientated one, full of appealing harmonies and exciting rhythmic passages. The spirit of Spain is cleverly captured in this thrilling opening section to this work.
Easily the most enchanting of the three 'songs' comes with the central movement titled Cantilena Britannica, where Hyldgaard has written a beautiful melodic line which is passed from between the two instrumentalists, the work getting progressively more intricate as the music continues, the cadenza from the guitar providing a mid-way interlude.
The work concludes with a boisterous, amusing, highly energetic movement having the flavour of the hip-slapping American West. The complete work is a superb bit of writing and how wonderful it would be to hear a live performance of this piece.
This edition is a piano reduction of the original score and comes with full score and separate part for the guitar. Presentation is excellent and any duo of high standard could surely not be disappointed with this music.
Steve Marsh

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