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Par vents et marées

Par vents et marées

Compositeur: ROUX Patrick

DZ 2017


ISBN: 978-2-89655-916-9

Guitare seule

8 p.


"This piece is one of a set of six solo guitar works under the collective heading of 'Les Scènes Panoramiques'. Par Vents et Marées (By Winds and Tides) lives up to its title well. It is a dramatic work - a tone poem - in one movement, highly descriptive in character and the wind and general blustery weather is finely captured in Roux's clever style of writing. Floating above all the arpeggiated chord sequences is a heroic-type melodic line of strong character and this weaves its way through the several changes of tempo, the piece culminating in thrilling and powerful strummed chords which lead onto a brief peaceful conclusion. This is a fine piece of contemporary writing for the advanced guitarist. I've had the pleasure of reviewing two previous works from this series but this probably holds the most interest so far."

Steve Marsh  (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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