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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seuleÉvocation, compilation (CD incl.)

Évocation, compilation (CD incl.)

Évocation, compilation (CD incl.)

Compositeur: GAUDREAU David

DZ 2082


ISBN: 978-2-89655-981-7

Guitare seule

44 p.


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Sentiments oubliés 
Ciel d’été 
Air de vacances 
Le jardin des mystères
À la tombée du jour
Le temps arrêté
Danse du village
Douce amie 
Ballade en famille
La dernière saison
Paysage poétique 
Romance d’hiver

Aussi disponible en Disque compact (DZ 2070CD)


"David Gaudreau is one of d'Oz's most prolific contributors and presumably one of his most profitable too, as this is the second large compilation of his previously published works that I have seen. His music is categorized by a constant tunefulness that the composer manages to make seem effortless. Moreover, there is nostalgia usually not too far away and, as befits a true guitarist, an ease over the fingerboard that tells you that you are not going to struggle to make it work on the guitar, assuming you actually can play to that standard. So you find in this collection of 15 pieces, a penchant for the romantic waltz as evidenced by Sentiments Oubliés, Le Temps Arrêté, or Romance d'Hiver. You will also find a tremolo piece in the form of Le Jardin des Mystères, and a strong dance element in Air De Vacances, or the slightly off kilter Danse de village, where the stress of the phrases takes you to one or two very unexpected places. There is also a nod to the Renaissance in the form of the Douce Amie. There is plenty to enjoy in this fine composer's pieces, and many players will spend many happy hours enjoying them. If they have a fault at times it is that I can occasionally find a slightly obvious harmonic structure where you can guess the next note or harmony. (This often occurs during a falling harmony where the next chord/note is sequential or semitonal) but this is a very small quibble in what is essentially a fine collection."

Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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