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Larguez les amarres
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Larguez les amarres

Compositeur: CARLIN Yves

DZ 2088


ISBN: 978-2-89737-005-3 

Guitare seule

24 p.


1. Hamster dame
2. Mon ami bi
3. Né pâle
4. L'autre riche
5. Mal d'Yves
6. On durera
7. T'es né riff
8. Il sera elle
9. Panne à ma voiture
10. Café ou Chine Corée
11. La belle gigue
12. Larguez les amarres


"This translates as 'Cast off the Moorings', and consists of a dozen little pieces, the majority of which are in two voices, sometimes three and so are aimed at the moderate players; being a little tricky to be classed as easy. The titles often include a word pun, and so they range from Hamster Dame (Amsterdam) a pleasant if undemanding little item in two voices, to L'Autre Riche (L'Autriche) a jaunty piece in 3/8 (again two voices) to Mal D'Yves (Maldives), with a slightly more complex rhythm and, On Durera (Honduras). which has note bends and some bluesy little ideas. They are all fun, some more so than others but are engaging as far as they go, and are, I feel, definitely more for the pupil than the concert hall but are still worth looking at if you have the appropriate pupils to use them."

Chris Dumigan  (Classical Guitar Magazine)



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