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Magic Serenade
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Magic Serenade

Compositeur: JOHANSON Bryan

DZ 2099


ISBN: 978-2-89737-016-9

Guitare seule

8 p.


"This latest piece is as a result of the composer exploring unusual ways to play on the guitar and before this sends you screaming for the exit, let me explain that everything he pr oduces is very musical indeed. nothing to scare your granny here! He explains in his Preface that the piece is written for a capo on Fret 7, and at this pitch it is possible to make sounds behind the capo, on the strings. This was his starting point, for the opening idea features harmonics plucked by the right hand, in alternation with the strings being plucked by the left hand, behind the capo. This creates a really magical effect (hence the title) As a result, the music is printed on two staves; the top one being the actual sound and the lower one being the notes played; assuming you had no capo in place, making it much easier to read. Not that this is an easy read, far from it, for the opening idea, after the harmonics introduction, is marked 'Allegrissimo' and is a startling array of quaver runs with occasional moments of harmony along the way, set against a backdrop of constantly changing time Signatures. The resulting sound is very musical and aptly sounds magical, but is so difficult that it sounds like a firefly on speed. Just witness the YouTube performances, for there are a few around. There are a few brief moments of respite. Marked 'Andante Sostenuto', yet even there the music is far from easy and the music hurls around in such a way that you scarcely feel the benefit of the slow speed.That said, this is a beautiful work with a most original soundworld, and providing you have the necessary technical arsenal you will no doubt be delighted by this most original piece."

Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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