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Concerto en Ré majeur, opus 3, no. 9

Concerto en Ré majeur, opus 3, no. 9

Compositeur: VIVALDI A.

Arrangeur: GAGNON Claude

DZ 211


ISBN: 2-89500-096-4

Guitare et violon

12 p. + parties séparées


...this arrangement would make a useful and delightful addition to any duo's programme.
(Abigad James, Soundboard)

Vivaldi's original Concerto was written for violin, strings and continuo, and this fine arrangement is presented by Claude Gagnon with violin fingering done by Marc Gagnon. It is a typical three-movement Vivaldi concerto: Allegro, Larghetto, Allegro. This edition presents a very nice and clear score, plus separate parts for both instruments. The guitar in this arranged version has a full accompanying role, with lots of chords played mostly simultaneously, and some basses. Given that the piece is in D major, which very well suits the guitar, the entire concerto is far from being difficult, even for much less advanced guitar players, and gives the real opportunity for well-done chamber cooperation with the main instrument, the violin. It is obvious that the present arrangement was made by skilled musicians, and Claude Gagnon's chamber-playing experience is evident. Knowing that the sound combination of violin and guitar gives one of the most delightful chamber results, not much more is needed to be said about this nice title.
(Uros Dojcinovic, Soundboard)

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