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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare3 guitares2 Bagatelles for Mio

2 Bagatelles for Mio

2 Bagatelles for Mio

Compositeur: RAYMOND Jean-Marie

DZ 2112


ISBN: 978-2-89737-029-9 

3 guitares

8 p.


"These are two little miniatures of a couple of pages of score each (there are repeats however) for a modest trio where nothing is too difficult. Yes, there are places where you have to be high up the fingerboard, or playing chords, so it is not too easy but the pieces are child-like in their simplicity and this is no doubt the reason for the title and the style of the music written. The Wooden Soldier opens with a martial rhythm over all the three guitars before they split into their component parts wherein Guitar 3 is playing a bass line harmonising with the melody on Guitar 1 accompanied by an arpeggio on Guitar 2. At the repeat of the same phrase everyone swaps parts but the music remains the same. At the middle the music moves into the relative minor before the opening them returns after a further eight bars, with first and second time bars taking you back one more time into the middle section for one last go. The Little Music Box is marked 'Comme Dans Un Rêve' (as if in a dream) and has a child-like little tune on Guitars 3 and 1 harmonised in chords against an arpeggiated accompaniment on Guitar 2. Parts swap throughout this little piece, so that everyone gets a go at the tune. The difficulty factor is similar to the first piece, as nothing is too hard. The main thing about these pieces is their simplicity. They are tuneful and pleasant and all over and done with in four or five minutes in total. So, if you like this man's music and can appreciate some nice harmonies and have a trio that likes his style of music, this modest little pairing might be right up your street."

Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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