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Sonatine champignonne

Sonatine champignonne

Compositeur: MARIE Dominique

DZ 214


ISBN: 2-89500-099-9

Guitare seule

12 p.


... The quality of typesetting and printing is high throughout... Sonatine Champigonne is worth a look.
(Graham Cleaver, Classical Guitar)

This is a three-movement sonatina that evokes a peaceful afternoon in the countryside, perhaps at a picnic under a linden tree. The movements - Melancholy of the Linden, The Column of Ants, Some Grasshoppers on the Moss - are not directly programmatic, but they do include some suggestive elements in the rhythmic figures. The second movement could well depict marching ants, and the third movement's dotted rhythms seem to be intended to sketch the jumps of the insects.
The harmonic language is mostly appropriate, (.) most of the textures are built around currently fashionable fingerboard gestures, using open strings to augment the resonance and facilitate the execution. This keeps the difficulty level to intermediate.
(David Grimes, Soundboard)

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