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Hommage au Siècle d’or

Hommage au Siècle d’or

Compositeur: MOURAT Jean-Maurice

DZ 2164


ISBN: 978-2-89737-081-7 

Guitare et flûte

16 p. + partie séparée


"This is a suite of ten dances written in the style of music from the Renaissance/early Baroque. French guitarist/composer Jean-Maurice Mourat has done an admirable job in not only capturing the flavour of the period but also by writing interesting and entertaining music all kept within the relatively confined technical standard of around the Intermediate level. Although the flute obviously has the lion's share of the tunes, the guitar part does hold the interest and there are plentiful instances where it takes over this lead role; in fact the fourth 'dance' is a full-page guitar solo in the style of a 'Siciliana'. The contrasting melodies and tempi are sufficient to recommend this suite to any amateur duo seeking to add to their repertoire. The edition comes with complete score and a separate part for the melody instrument."

Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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