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Compositeur: DI MOSOLE Serge

DZ 2177


ISBN: 978-2-89737-094-7 

Guitare et piano

12 p. + partie séparée


Esperanza by Serge Di Mosole is a delicate journey through sensitivity, understood in countless ways. The piece embodies all the emotions of one's existence - the sadness becomes contentment, conclusion transforms into a whim. Sentiments blend in imaginative harmonies and charming melodies. All this is shaped in a form of a fantasie for guitar and piano chamber music duo. These two instruments - so different, concerning the history, volume, practice of performance - are working together in Mosole’s piece to create a timeless aural encounter full of delight.
- Walicki-Popiolek Duo - Notes from their debut album “Iberico” (2019)


"From the opening few bars of the solo piano introduction, Esperanza has immediate appeal. This composition is of the late-night, mood music variety and when the guitar eventually joins forces with the piano part, a new dimension is added to the piece. The composition's plaintive and imaginative melody lines plus attractive harmonies and interesting rhythmic directions all add up to a most haunting, charming new addition to the repertoire. Both instruments are on equal par from a musical interest viewpoint. The technical requirement is of around the Intermediate standard and the publication comes with a separate part for the gitar. Altogether a lovely work from a composer I have not come across before but will be watching out for from now on." Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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