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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare2 guitaresConcerto en Ré majeur, RV 93

Concerto en Ré majeur, RV 93

Concerto en Ré majeur, RV 93

Compositeur: VIVALDI A.

Arrangeur: GAGNON Claude

DZ 229


ISBN: 2-89500-114-6

2 guitares

12 p. + parties séparées


This arrangement of the D major lute concerto by Vivaldi has much to recommend it. It comes in the form of score plus two individual parts and there is only one awkward page turn between the two main sections of the first movement. Inevitably, guitar I has all the interest of the solo part and guitar 2 the arrangement of the string accompaniment and continuo realisation. The latter part is simple and fits well under the fingers. The first and third movements work very well indeed. It is only in the beautiful Largo that you really miss the sustained sound of the original string accompaniment underlying the solo line. In this movement the repeats are written out with what I presume is Gagnon's ornamentation and elaboration of the melodic line added the second time round. This is tasteful and varied, with only one or two moments when perhaps one might have left a phrase alone.
Both parts and score are mercifully free of all but the barest of fingerings and have very little in the way of articulation markings. I rather like that. as it leaves the player a clean slate to find their own style of playing the music and to solve their own technical difficulties.

Given that the music is relatively simple, there should not be too many difficulties too solve and this arrangement would make a useful and delightful addition to any duo's programme.
(Abigail James, Classical Guitar, 10/2000)

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