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Nocturne, Rêverie
  • Nocturne

Nocturne, Rêverie

Compositeur: GAUDREAU David

DZ 246


ISBN: 2-89500-131-6

Guitare seule

8 p.


Two pieces by a composer from Montreal, born in 1959, both of which actually live up to their title. The Nocturne is a dreamy, tonal work in B minor with the third string tuned to F sharp. Don't let this be a put-off; the open third fits in very well at all times and is frequently used open anyway. In triple time, the writing commences with a chromatic inner voice, rather like the Monty Norman 'Bond' introduction and this soon gives way to a plain, even simple melody which is not really earthshaking. The Rêverie in E major uses much campanella-style, rather like Brouwer No. 6 and the Ballades by Tesar though this is nowhere near as good material. Once more. D'Oz have made a great product; the print, paper and style of layout are all so excellent and yet what is inside the covers will not take the world by storm. To fill up in a recital. these may go some way but really this is the type of material that I would not wish to use at a major venue or crucial date and that perhaps says it all. (Neil Smith, Classical Guitar, June 2001)

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