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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare4 guitaresAlla Piazzolla (2 livres)

Alla Piazzolla (2 livres)
  • Ritmico

  • Tranquillo

  • Fugato

Alla Piazzolla (2 livres)

Compositeur: ROUX Patrick

DZ 248


ISBN: 2-89500-133-2

4 guitares

40 p. + parties séparées


The incredible popularity of Piazzolla's music which began some 10 or more years ago is, it seems, beginning to wane a little; I hope this doesn't affect interest in Patrick Roux's homage.
Written for the Canadian Guitar Quartet - of which I believe Roux is a member -Alla Piazzolla is a substantial and skillfully crafted piece in three movements (Ritmato, Tranquillo and Fugato) for four standard instruments. The parts are challenging and interesting for all concerned. The more perceptive among you will recognise quotes from several of Piazzolla's 'guitar' works (some being considerably more obvious than others) including the ubiquitous rising chromatic anacrusis. The passionate central movement based on the repeated chord motif from Trist6n (Cinco Piezas published by Berben) would be extremely moving in the right hands. In common with Piazzolla's own Tango Suite (also pub. Berben) each movement of Alla Piazzolla would survive quite happily in isolation.
A first class work for advanced guitar quartets and one that will amply repay every minute of rehearsal.
The parts are beautifully clear, fingered and set out to allow for page-turns.
(Raymond Burley, Classical Guitar, 12/2000)

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