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Concerto en Do majeur, RV 425
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Concerto en Do majeur, RV 425

Compositeur: VIVALDI A.

Arrangeur: JOUBERT Jacques

DZ 293


ISBN: 2-89500-178-2

Orchestre de guitares

34 p. + parties séparées


I remember performing this concerto with string orchestra, it is a very good work to play, full of vivacity with a lovely slow movement. This edition calls for different 'orchestral forces'. The scoring is for solo, alto I and 2 (tuned a perfect 5th above normal guitar itch, guitarsl-4, basse (perfect 4th lower) and contrabasse (tuned an octave lower).
The music is presented in a beautifully printed manner with no problems with page turns. This would be superb for an ensemble looking for a challenge or a guitar course ensemble group where, if one had the alto, bass and contrabasse to hand, one could certainly make this wonderful music come to life. It does need players who can play with verve. The three movements, Allegro, Largo and Allegro offer challenges in the way of articulation, sustaining phrases, really crisply controlled dynamic changes, unifying attack and coloration.
This is a specialist publication, as you need the transposed instruments but really worth the effort involved.
(John Arran, Classical Guitar, 1/2001)

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