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Petite suite lamineuse
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Petite suite lamineuse

Compositeur: BOYER Daniel

DZ 298


ISBN: 2-89500-183-9

Guitare seule

8 p.


This is a three-movement suite, each consisting of two pages, dedicated to lighting of various sorts. Unfortunately, why this is so remains a mystery as nothing is explained.
Chandelle et Halogene begins with an engagingly expressive melody in A minor over some nicely harmonised arpeggios before a brief agitato idea interrupts it. The first idea returns briefly before a presto four bars occurs. A short silence leads to the coda of the first melody marked Lento in harmonics. Halo D'Allumette is a moderate 3/4 in A minor. There are some exotic harmonies in this piece which stop it sounding too hackneyed and it is appropriately marked to be played espressivo. The final Soled DAfrique II (what happened to the first one?) is an Allegro in 6/8 which runs about like a thing possessed for 14 bars before a piu lento appassionata section ensues. A return to the first idea leads to a brief coda to the piece and the work as a whole.
Some interesting ideas occur in this work and it is of moderate difficulty only. This might be worth your attention.
(Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar, 11/2000)

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