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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareMusique de chambre avec guitareSevdalinka

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Compositeur: BOGDANOVIC Dusan

DO 406


ISBN: 2-89503-182-7

Guitare et quatuor à cordes

33 p. + parties séparées , 10 min.
Les Éditions Doberman-Yppan


pour 2 guitares et quatuor à cordes
“Newman and Oltman are tremendously musical. It’s apparent in their taste in material, which begins with Dusan Bogdanovic’s (himself an excellent guitarist) “Sevdalinka,” for guitar duo and string quartet. The modestly exemplary quality of the piece is representative of the entire recording. Bogdanovic’s writing for the combination of strummed/plucked and bowed strings is so good that all one hears is the music, rather than the technically difficult matter of combing the forces and keeping them musically distinctive. The music combines Balkan folk music and rhythms with touches of jazz in the manner that Bartok made available to the West yet, although the sound is familiar, the piece sounds completely fresh and personal. The musicians play the phrases fluidly, completely comfortable in this hybrid idiom, and the music dances and passes conversations around in a social manner. It’s sophisticated and wears its style and manners lightly and naturally.”

George Grella, The Big City blog

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