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Notes à diffusion interne
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Notes à diffusion interne

Compositeur: CHARPAGNE Dominique

DZ 468


ISBN: 2-89500-364-5

Guitare seule

16 p.


Here is a set of seven short pieces (two pages each), of moderate difficuIty , and brim full of good melodies, un-hackneyed harmonies, and interesting part writing. A typical example is the opening cafe Irlandais, written in B minor, beginning Lento and becoming Poco Piu Vivo in the central section. It is friendly to play and has enough surprises throughout its short 20 bars to leave you wanting more. There is a nostalgic Bords De Creuse, a piece that begins in two voices, but becoming three later on, which starts quietly and unobtrusively only to reach a considerable climax later on. La Valse De L'Ornithorynque, has some nice comic touches while Souvenirs D'Autrefois, of necessity, is a sad little G minor number again largely in three voices for most of its duration. So in summation anyone looking for middle grade material that is new fresh and constantly interesting to play would do worse than give this nicely written volume a try. (Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar Magazine, November 2002)

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