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Compositeur: KEARNEY Patrick

DZ 483


ISBN: 2-89500-360-2

Guitare seule

12 p.


«Here is a one-movement free-form fantasy for the Grade 6 and above player, I would say. It is almost a single-movement sonatina in that the first four pages are one idea at a tempo moderato a piacere, after which it clearly transitions to a new idea marked adagio misterioso for three pages, and then goes to a vigorous Agitato for the last five pages, including some very aggressive rasgueado sections which were foreshadowed in the first section. For the most part, it all lies logically under the fingers. Overall, Collage has a definitely modern sound, with jazz, impressionism, Flamenco, and folk music all hinted at to varying degrees. A recording of this piece by Vincea McClelland was reviewed in Soundboard, Vol. XXXIV, No.4, in 2008.« David Norton (Soundboard Magazine) «...Particularly notable is Canadian Patrick Kearney's Collage, a rhapsodic piece which juxtaposes sections of rich, spacious arpeggios, folk/jazz strumming, crystalline harmonics, modern counterpoint, romantic lyricism, delicate and precise soprano filigree, all performed by Vincea McClelland in a dynamic, intelligent manner which holds the piece together. This piece confirms without a doubt that we are listening to an experienced, solid musician. The substantial Collage is preceded by Andrew York's Faire...« (etc) ... Jim McCutcheon, Soundboard Vol. 34, N°. 4, 2008

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