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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare3 guitaresBoogie du jeudi / Calypso del Sol

Boogie du jeudi / Calypso del Sol

Boogie du jeudi / Calypso del Sol

Compositeur: TISSERAND Thierry

DZ 601


ISBN: 2-89500-487-0

3 guitares

8 p. + parties séparées


Boogie du Jeudi is a swing-style boogie written in 6/8, rather than in 4/4 with triplets. A fine example of 12-bar blues in action, this piece is easy enough to really let rip on some of the excellent blues arpeggios. If any guitarist has a morbid fear of Bb, this piece will cure them - those flats are just so much fun to play! The piece sits comfortably in the first position apart from a few first string notes and the gloriously cheesy ending that comes down the neck in chromatic sixths and slowing for a big seventh chord at the end. Oh Yeah!
(.) The printing is clear enough, but I suspect that the rhythm would be easier for a learner to pick up by imitation, rather than reading. Syncopation is hard at the best of times, but there's a lot to take in here, because ties do some of the syncopation, but other syncopation is done by putting a crotchet on the offbeat. (.) It is a very effective little piece.
(Derek Hasted, Classical Guitar Magazine)


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