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Compositeur: DECAMP Nelly

DZ 686


ISBN: 2-89500-572-9

Guitare seule

8 p.


Decamp is a French guitarist composer working in a cross-over style. This pair of pieces is a light and accessible jazz-based set, Avant forming a short prelude to Premiere. The standard required to get around the notes is not very extreme, somewhere in the good intermediate range. Making musical sense of it all and projecting the improvisatory passage work in Avant might take a little more. Fully realising the durations in Premiere would add a bit more still (.). This is subtle and intelligent enough not to be mistaken for the brainless easy-listening this genre can become, and is well worth investigation for those with the fingers and some determination as well as an interest in the style.
(Stephen Kenyon, Classical Guitar Magazine)

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