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Lullaby for my Cat, Valse

Lullaby for my Cat, Valse

Compositeur: PIRIS Bernard

DZ 733


ISBN: 2-89500-619-9

Guitare seule

8 p.


This is a pleasant little pairing of miniatures; musically, not likely to stretch the intellectual ability too much and technically quite suitable for the intermediate player. Lullaby for My Cat has a gently syncopated melody line floating over pianistic arpeggios. Any «cat' reference« in the music was, I'm afraid, lost on me, but it is nevertheless a nice, easy-listening piece. The Valse is a more up-tempo number and very French in style. A little bit more demanding technically, this once again has an attractive melody line which drops onto the bass strings mid-way through. Attractively presented, as usual from this publisher, this edition is well worth a second glance.

Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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