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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seuleEmperor Romulus Augustus

Emperor Romulus Augustus

Emperor Romulus Augustus

Compositeur: WILKE Christopher

DZ 782


ISBN: 2-89500-668-7

Guitare seule

10 p.


The slightly quirky, frivolous title perhaps belies the fact that this work is for the earnest and studious player only, who needs to be at least grade 8 and have a sense of rhythm, humour and rock music.
There is a whole gamut of instructions for the performer to get their head around including bent notes, Bartok pizzicato, slapping the strings, tapping the notes (à la Eddie van Halen) and several other percussive effects; aIl these are used to good effect in a composition of frenzied activity and excitement. One gets the impression that this is a highly «personal« composition written around the composer's own technical abilities.
This is ideally suited to the classical guitarist who wants a serious change of direction for a brief diversion but without any intellectual underpinning. This is a piece to have fun with and enjoy yourself (any composition which includes the instruction junkissimo cannot be taken too seriously).
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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