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Suite modale
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Suite modale

Compositeur: LEU Christophe

DZ 783


ISBN: 2-89500-669-5

Guitare et flûte

20 p. + parties séparées


Past associations with compositions written «modal« style have revealed some pretty dull, academic works, very often only suitable for the theorist, but Christophe Leu has come up with a composition well worth playing and performing.
Suite Modale consists of seven movements; each titled according to the mode it is written around; so we get Ionia, Doria, Phrygia, etc. The guitar accompaniment contains some pretty interesting material and is, technically, on a level with the flute/violin part and a big bonus is that the standard of difficulty is not too high, any intermediate players should be more than capable of handling this work.
The presentation and fingering (for the guitar) is very good and the music is given in full score with a separate part for the flute/violin, the guitarist having to play from the score, but there are no awkward page turns.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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